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Strength in Numbers

Meadowbrook Men’s Ministry is committed to Bible-based education and discussion.

Every man can bear witness to the hardships a life of faith brings. Through fellowship and multi-generational support, we seek to provide guidance to all Men who walk through our doors.
In a group where you can truly be who God has called you to be, we become empowered to navigate work, life, family, and faith.

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers is MBC’s Men’s ministry with the purpose of connecting men to be “iron sharpening iron” (Proverbs 27:17), to encourage each other to become devoted followers of Christ.
Rather than having an attitude of holding each other’s feet to the fire, we seek to be a band of brothers who instruct each other in Scripture and the memorization of scripture, while fight for each other by storming the gates of heaven in prayer.

Join us

The focus of Band of Brothers is our dedicated small groups. Here we seek to form deep, transparent, and trusting relationships to gain victory over sin and to become the men that God meant us to be.

1st & 3rd Saturdays

7-9am, October – May


Study Materials

Books and study materials are available for purchase

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Reach out to Marvin Suson, our Men’s Ministry lead